Tempest Panniers

A premium waterproof pannier set for the discerning modern cyclist who is looking for both fully featured and waterproof. Axiom’s Tempest Series are the perfect solution for committed all-weather commuters who want a supremely functional waterproof bag with a clean look and purposeful design to keep laptops and valuables dry and protected in all conditions.

The Tempest Advantage

  1. Waterproof internal Hydracore system: With Hydracore technology, and a convenient roll-down top, contents stay dry through the heaviest downpours and enables us to offer external pockets, webbing and compression straps without affecting waterproofness.
  2. Quick-release hardware: Get the bag on and off the bike quickly and easily thanks to premium Rixen & Kaul® mounting systems.
  3. More durable fabric in high wear areas: We use a lightweight but tough blend of 1000D, 850D and 650D polyester in our Tempest bags to provide greater durability in areas that are susceptible to contact or abrasion and lighter weight fabric in areas that don’t.

Did you know?
The polyester we use in all of our bags is the same material used to make racing sailboat sails. It is waterproof, extremely lightweight, UV resistant and more durable than tarpaulin. It is also free of VOCs and harsh dyes.

Did you know?
Hydracore liners have a Velcro access, allowing the bag to be cleaned and serviced.

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