Flascheguard Fenders

Axiom FLASCHEGUARD fenders are made from end-of-life polycarbonate watercooler bottles.
Our recycled polycarbonate retains the same strength and durability as virgin polycarbonate and is free of Bisphenol-A for a reliable responsibly sourced solution.
FLASCHEGUARD recycled polycarbonate uses up to 75% less crude oil than virgin polycarbonate material and reduces CO2 emissions by more than 72%. For every tonne of FLASCHEGUARD material produced, almost a tonne of CO2 emissions is prevented and end-of-life plastic is kept out of landfills or incinerators.

Did you know?
All Axiom fender stays are manufactured from recycled stainless-steel that comes from manufacturing and consumer scraps.
Stainless-steel is nfinitely recyclable, without degradation to the material. Recycling stainless-steel requires up to 67% less energy than creating new material and reduces CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 70%

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