Floor Pumps

Smart design and premium quality materials mean exceptional efficiency, durability and precision. From heavy duty, workhorse shop pumps to all-around models destined for every family’s garage.

The Axiom Floor Pump Advantage

  1. Unique hand grips deliver a confident, comfortable hold: Lockdown grips feature replaceable, no-slip mountain bike-style handgrips.
  2. Extra tall barrels deliver high-volume, high-pressure performance: We take the extra volume found in fat barrel pumps, and stack it on top of a high-pressure pump for high-volume, high-pressure performance.
  3. Ultra-stable, topple-proof base designs: Our pumps stay put so riders can get the most out of every stroke.

Did you know?
All 200psi Axiom floor pumps feature a new longer lever, for better leverage and easier movement. They also feature the HeadRush dual valve connector, which instantly adapts to Presta or Schrader valves with the flip of a switch. The same switch locks the connector onto valves for confident, hassle-free inflation every time.

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