Mini Floor Pumps

Our performance mini floor pumps offer the stability, efficiency and high volume/high pressure capabilities of a floor pump along with the lightweight and portability of a hand pump.

The Axiom Mini Floor Pump Advantage

  1. Problem solving QUICK-FLIP head: Don’t lose pressure when you’re disconnecting from Presta, Schrader or Dunlop valves or loosen the valve core from your Presta valve.
  2. Extra long hose for easier connection to the valve: Axiom mini floor pumps have a hose that is twice as long as many others.
  3. High-pressure with less effort: Use your bodyweight to get up to pressure faster with an Axiom mini floor pump.

Did you know?
The gauges on all Axiom pumps are serviceable.
The metal foot on the Enforceair makes it a durable hassle-free option.

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