Mini Road Pumps

Efficient, lightweight, high pressure pumps for the road enthusiast! Axiom mini road pumps are our smallest, most lightweight high performance inflation tools. With higher blow-off pressure, and the fastest connection and removal of any of our pumps, Axiom mini road pumps are the inflation solution for the rider who travels light and fast.

The Axiom Mini Road Pump Advantage

  1. Higher blow off pressure and fast connection to the valve: Get pressure into your tires, quickly and efficiently.
  2. Efficient, lightweight solution: Get up to your desired tire pressure faster, without carrying any added weight. At 99 grams or less, high-performance without a weight penalty.
  3. Non-slip grips offer a comfortable and confident handhold: Firm grip for wet, sweaty or grimy hands.
“The high-quality CNC machining gives these pumps a very high end look and feel.” 
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