An experienced bike technician designs Axiom's complete line of racks.

Every design is carefully thought out to satisfy the needs of both cyclists and the bike shops that serve them. Made from superior quality steel or aluminum, these racks are exceptionally strong, remarkably lightweight and built to last a lifetime. For cyclists, Axiom racks are a sturdy, lightweight solution that delivers excellent heel clearance and convenient adjustability. For bike shops, Axiom racks are a versatile problem solver that is quick and easy to mount to just about any bicycle. As cyclists everywhere look to do increasingly more with their bikes, Axiom racks are there to carry the load

Lifetime Guarantee

Axiom products are warranted against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the original purchaser. If a product is determined to be defective by the original Axiom dealer who sold the product, it will be replaced at no charge with original proof of purchase.

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