Journey Racks

The Journey Series is our take on the classic bike rack- just better. Lightweight, economical, adaptable and functional, all in a easy-to-stock package. Axiom Journey racks are adapted to suit the needs of the modern cyclist, with extra heel clearance, wider frame compatibility, and the adjustability to compliment the widest range of modern bike designs.

The Journey Advantage

  1. 280mm Versalock arms allow for faster, cleaner and stiffer installation, and can be DIY bent to ensure a perfect fit every time.
  2. Stronger and stiffer than other racks on the market, the Journey can accommodate a variety of loads, and provides extra rigidity to lower-quality bags thanks to the Sweepback stay.
  3. Super simple installation procedure on a massive number of bike designs cuts down on installation time. Mechanics love us!

Did you know?
Journey racks feature a sweep back design that sets loads further back, providing enhanced heel/pannier clearance and ample room for trunk bags.

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