Streamliner Racks

Bike design has changed significantly in the last 3 decades, but until now rack design hasn’t kept up. We believe that bike design shouldn’t limit the rider’s capacity to take what they need with them. Streamliner racks are designed to fit the widest possible range of bikes, from disc brake-equipped carbon road bikes to fat bikes, whether or not they have eyelets!

The Streamliner Advantage

  1. Unique wedge shape delivers a better ride experience: Centre loads closer to the rear wheel for improved stability and handling.
  2. Works with the bike you have: Just because a bike is fast, it shouldn’t be precluded from carrying cargo safely and securely. Streamliner racks work even with the tight tolerances and short chainstays of modern road and cyclocross bikes.
  3. Sweep back foot design enhances heel/pannier clearance: Feet mount to quick-release skewer or traditional eyelets.

Did you know?
Streamliner (and Uni-Fit) rack feet can be mounted to traditional dropout eyelets, or to a quick-release skewer.

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