Rear Baskets

Retro styling coupled with modern, weatherproof materials and universal mounting systems! Mounted to handlebars or to a rear rack, Axiom baskets are the perfect cargo solution for visiting farmer’s markets and neighbourhood shops, or taking your four-pawed friend along for a ride.

The Basket Advantage

  1. Quick on/off designs and carrying handles facilitate off-bike use: Click off the basket, carry it around the market, and click it back on for the ride home.
  2. Weatherproof materials for a lifetime of use: Resin wicker looks like the real thing, yet stands up to rain and UV rays, making the bikes more functional and more sustainable than a throw-away solution.
  3. Adjustable mounting brackets designed to offer a universal fit: Handlebar and rack mounting systems offer maximum compatibility, meaning that you can accessorize more bikes with less SKU’s
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