Kompressair G160
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Suggested Use At home, on the road or at the trailhead
Weight 1890 g / 4.17 lbs
Height 680 mm / 27.8”
Part Number: 177341-01 - Black

160 PSI

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Performance inflation, at home, on the road or at the trailhead.

Base Stable (305mm x 155mm) steel base
Barrel 560mm steel with high strength steel pump shaft
Handle Aluminum Clampdown handle with dual compound performance grips
Hose 118cm extra-long premium quality hose
Head Headrush dual valve connector with alloy valve caps
Gauge Precision 51mm mid-mounted 160psi gauge
Added Benefit Headrush connector instantly fits Presta or Schrader valves

XL Hose

Stable Base

Replaceable Grips

Presta & Schrader Valve Compatible

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